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CHIC Spells I am CHIC , I am (C) Commited to (H) Help, (I) Innovate & (C) Challenge) my self toward a better me! Everyday I will beat my personal growth record. beleive in your self, Dream is important, because it is your destination. without dream your lost.

Featured Product

Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom contains a specific polysaccharide collectively known as Beta Glucan

Uses of Herbs

Learn the effectiveness and usefullness of the commonly used indigenous herbal plants and how it functions and benefits our body

Skin Essentials

Intrroducing the new 3-in-1 beauty set. Skin Essentials Cleansing Toner, Sun Defense 30 & Night Ceam.

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"CHIC International" goes to CITY OF DREAMS.

Why Classique Herbs ?

CHIC is in the business of selling. CHIC stands for Classique Herbs International Corporation. CHIC is a marketing company and s a licensed food distributor under Bureau of Foods and Drugs (BFAD) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CHIC are dedicated in providing the most effective, scientifically validated health and wellness products available on the market today.

Why choose us?

I can already walk, stand and sit down by myself with out the help of my wife" I was diagnosed to have kidney failure and I was ,also suffering from diabetes and hypertension.I have regular dialysis schedule and was given prescription medicine for my condition (diabetes and hypertension) but was told that intake of such medicines for a long time would potentially damage my kidneys.
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Chic International

The company was founded by Ms. Cora de Vera in 2008. Dr. Samuel Ramos, was named CEO in 2010.CHIC is now one of the leading company in the industry, with its growing numbers of distributors worldwide and competent Marketing Executives, the Company has achieved record growth and quickly expanded to all regions in the country and substantial following in the United States and Asia.

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