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As a licensed food distributor under Bureau of Foods and Drugs (BFAD) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Classique Herbs International is dedicated in providing the most effective, scientifically validated health and wellness products available on the market today.
Established in 2008, Classique Herbs International is now one of the leading networking company in the industry, with its growing numbers of distributors nationwide and competent Marketing Executives, the Company has achieved record growth and quickly expanded to all regions in the country and substantial following in the United States and Asia.
We are delightfully proud of our selected creations in the following product lines:
·         Food Supplements
·         Beverages
·         Personal Care
·         Personal Enhancement
Each item in our line is a carefully processed from a balanced combination of herbal extracts and other quality ingredients made for its exceptional efficacy. Our wealth of experience inspired and motivated us to continually develop and introduce high class, innovative and yet affordable products, giving us an edge to compete locally and internationally as well.
Our comprehensive marketing plan offers an attractive and lucrative compensation package that is distinctively unique making it incomparable from the rest.